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Latex care


Latex requires a special treatment before and after use. Here are a few tips on how to make sure your latex garments are properly taken care of.

The best dressing aid when putting on any latex garment is water based lubricant (silicone oil manufactured for latex wearing purposes).

Please note that using baby oils or other substances that contain alcohol can damage your latex!

Make sure you do not have any rings, sharp nails or any sharp objects on you when putting on latex.

Lube yourself and the inside of the catsuit (if the catsuit is powdered with talc, wash off the talc with water first). Be generous with oil especially around the arms, hips and legs.

After every use, wash the suit with clean water and let it dry. You do not have to wash off the lubricant off the suit – it’s a great preserving tool.

If you decide to wash off the lubricant you can use a simple shampoo with water – when it’s dry use the talc powder to prevent the suit from sticking to itself which may cause damages when trying to unstick after long storing time.

When your suit is clean and powdered/lubed – put it in a plastic bag and store it away from sunlight in a dark and cool place.


The upside of a chlorinated latex is that it’s much smoother than the regular one. In theory it doesn’t require any dressing aid to wear (lube or talc) however it’s always a good idea to use at least a small ammount of lubricant to minimize the risk of any damages especially since the chlorinated latex has a tendency (when not used with lube) to stick to the skin after the sweat under the suit dries.

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